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Cactus Lime Puree (frozen), 1kg

Cactus Lime Puree (frozen), 1kg

Also known as the prickly pear, can be used to make drinks, pies, jam, and jellies. It is thought to have powerful anti-inflammatory element and is used in parts of the world as a palliative for diabetes. Delicious and refreshing.1kilo pot


Cactus Lime icecream

300mls wholemilk, 125g caster sugar, 300ml double cream, 500g cactus lime puree. Boil milk for one minute then pour into large bowl. Add sugar and cream and mix until sugar is dissolved. Add cactus Lime puree to the mix and stir well. Freeze in ice cream maker.

Simplify your smoothies with the addition of this fruit, no mess, no waste, always correctly proportioned.


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