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  • Magnificent meats and the finest of fish deserve to be supported by the best accompaniments!

    eFoodies lovingly source unusual groceries that are unavailable to buy even at top class Deli's throughout the country due to the small batch production methods used by many of our exclusive producers and suppliers.
  • Browse through our Groceries category and be transported by the endless possibilities they inspire you with. We are always here to offer advice on how to pair these wonderful products, call us anytime on 0845 434 9537.

  • Arran Oatcakes

    Arran Oatcakes are a truly versatile product for sweet and savoury snacks. A wonderful and traditional addition to any cheeseboard.

    Add fibre to your diet with these delicious biscuits. Slow energy releasing carbohydrates make them a brilliant snack for those on the go.

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    Arran Oatcakes


  • Artisan Honeycomb, Box, 340g

    An exquisite treat for the eye and the palate, this boxed whole honeycomb will delight you. Produced in the clean fresh air and from the bountiful flowers of New Zealand, this is the finest honey with a beautiful full bouquet that will be greatly appreciated by connoisseurs.

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    Artisan Honeycomb, Box, 340g


  • Bite sized blinis qty 45

    Bite-Size Blinis are pop-in-the-mouth sized versions of the classic caviar accompaniment. They also make a fantastic base for canapes and other party foods.

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    Bite sized blinis qty 45


  • Brown sugar swizzle, qty 128

    When it is a special occasion, or just when you want to spoil yourself, these gorgeous little crystallised sugar sticks will accessorise your coffee beautifully. Each swizzle stick holds 5g of sugar, a perfect teaspoonful. Individually wrapped for perfect freshness, an amusing way to sugar your espresso.

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    Brown sugar swizzle, qty 128


  • Cherry Apples with stems, 424g

    These delightful cherry apples are actually Himalayan crab apples, poached in sugar syrup complete with stems. The size of cherries they make a fantastic decoration for trifles and puddings. Use them in cocktails, or to garnish roast pork.

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    Cherry Apples with stems, 424g


  • Chestnut confit in syrup 1.1kg tin

    These delicious confit chestnuts have a subtle fruity flavour and once sampled, it is almost impossible to stop eating them. The only ingredients are fresh chestnuts, sugar, and natural vanilla.

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    Chestnut confit in syrup 1.1kg tin


  • Chestnut flour 500g

    Also known as castagnaccio, for an intensely Italian take on flour, this gluten-free, rich-tasting flour made from sweet chestnuts will add new dimensions to any dish. A wholesome and rich ingredient that will delight with its high quality and heady aroma.

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    Chestnut flour 500g


  • Crystallised Angelica 1kg

    Forget the dusty tiny plastic pots found in supermarkets! This is a full kilo of luscious, plump crystallised angelica. Traditional topping for trifles and cakes, this is gourmet-quality candied fruit with a full heady aroma and tooth-pleasing bite.

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    Crystallised  Angelica 1kg


  • Exmoor Caviar - Caviar Dust

    This extra fine Caviar Salt is crafted using pure Sturgeon Caviar & British Sea Salt.

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    Exmoor Caviar - Caviar Dust

    From 9.95
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  • Exmoor Caviar - Caviar Rocks

    Our coarse Caviar Rocks are crafted using pure Sturgeon Caviar & British Sea Salt.

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    Exmoor Caviar - Caviar Rocks

    From 9.95
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  • Extra virgin, cold-pressed rapeseed oil, 1ltr

    Rapeseed oil has long been known to the health conscious due to its having 10 times higher omega 3 when compared to olive oil, plus a high vitamin E content. Harvested in France, the tiny black seeds are lovingly cold-pressed and then the first pressings are filtered to make the Extra Virgin.

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    Extra virgin, cold-pressed rapeseed oil, 1ltr


  • Fennel Pollen 30g

    Collected from wild fennel, this is the buzz gourmet ingredient of the year. It has the fragrance of fennel but with sweet, honey-like notes and an exquisite depth of flavour that enhances any dish it is added to.

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    Fennel Pollen 30g


  • Fregola tostata, medium, 500g

    Fregola is a Sardinian specialty pasta, handmade from coarse semolina and then toasted to give a delightfully nutty taste. Due to the toasting the pasta balls do not become soggy but maintain the coveted al dente texture. Fregola is being seen on some of the best menus in town.

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    Fregola tostata, medium, 500g


  • Imbert Ardeche Chestnut Paste, sweet, 1kg

    Light brown in colour this sweetened chestnut paste is easy to whisk up and is used in many desserts. A renowned ingredient in "torches aux marrons" and "mont blancs/vermicelli" desserts.

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    Imbert Ardeche Chestnut Paste, sweet, 1kg


  • Imbert Aubenas Chestnut puree, 875g

    This unsweetened chestnut puree is made exclusively from fresh chestnuts selected according to their variety, qualities and taste which with its unrivalled texture, make it the first choice for gourmets in all recipes that demand the highest-quality chestnut puree.

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    Imbert Aubenas Chestnut puree, 875g


  • Iranian Saffron - (1st Grade)

    Finest pure Iranian saffron, a must for any kitchen...The saffron we supply is gently hand picked from each stamen: it takes 150,000 flowers to produce just one kilogram! The saffron plant is indigenous to Iran, where it is cultivated on the country's rich plains.

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    Iranian Saffron - (1st Grade)

    From 35.00
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  • La Tua, Handmade, Cream of Pumpkin, Ravioli, 1kg

    Although perfectly suited to the winter months, this delectable Pumpkin Ravioli has a taste, texture and freshness that can be easily enjoyed year-round. Every bite is bursting with fresh pumpkin.

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    La Tua, Handmade, Cream of Pumpkin, Ravioli, 1kg


  • La Tua, Handmade, Mixed Vegetable Tortelloni, 1kg

    Try this deliecious vegetable tortelloni from La Tua. Filled with fresh, summery, meddeteranean style vegetables.

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    La Tua, Handmade, Mixed Vegetable Tortelloni, 1kg


  • La Tua, Handmade, Wild Mushroom and Ricotta, Ravioli, 1kg

    La Tua's Wild Mushroom and Cheese Ravioli is made using the freshest pasta and finest wild mushrooms which deliver an earthy, woodsy flavour. Freshly ground black pepper and a drizzle of truffle oil enhance the already powerful taste of this wonderful dish.

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    La Tua, Handmade, Wild Mushroom and Ricotta, Ravioli, 1kg


  • Lilliput capers 1kg

    Extra small and extra delicious, these tiny capers are packed with taste. Highest quality available. Indispensable as garnishes, tossed into salads, basic ingredient for Pasta Puttanesque, and wonderful mixed in with a melange of olives.

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    Lilliput capers 1kg


  • Macadamia nuts 1kg

    The Australian macadamia nut is undoubtedly one of the world's greatest nuts. It is a top-class nibble, a special-occasion nut ideal for weddings, Christmas and all festivities. These are the highest quality and will delight you.

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    Macadamia nuts 1kg


  • Macaroons

    These light baked confections consist of a delicate meringue-like shell made using ground almonds and filled with a deliciously rich cream filling. Not only do these little delicacies look stunning in their range of different colours but they also come in a variety of both classical and exotic flavours. They come in a box of 144.

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  • Madagascan vanilla pods (14/16cm) 100g

    The finest vanilla pods available, fresh-tasting and loaded with the rich essential oils that will enhance any vanilla-based dish. Vanilla is the seed of orchids and the best come from Madagascar.

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    Madagascan vanilla pods (14/16cm) 100g


  • Orange blossom water, 500mls

    Orange blossom water is distilled from the fragrant flowers of the citrus orange tree. It adds a refreshing orange flavour to both savoury and sweet dishes. Just a little goes a long way...its intense taste and aroma are unforgettable.

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    Orange blossom water, 500mls


  • Pain d'Epice 300g

    A traditional French loaf of honey, spices and ginger made from the finest ingredients, baked, then carefully stored to bring you a taste of rural France that will have you smiling. Delicious with afternoon coffee.

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    Pain d'Epice 300g


  • Panko, Japanese breadcrumbs, 500g

    Panko means "breadcrumbs" in Japanese. This jagged-edged breadcrumb has a coarse texture that resembles flakes, and because the flakes have more surface area, they become crispier than regular breadcrumbs when used as a coating.

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    Panko, Japanese breadcrumbs, 500g


  • Pear and Walnut Tart, qty12

    Tried and tested, these come highly recommended!

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    Pear and Walnut Tart, qty12


  • Pecan nuts 1kg

    These highest-quality Australian pecans will delight all nut lovers. Stir into dulce de leche for a quick and easy pecan pie filling, or just snack. Large, firm, unbroken kernels.

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    Pecan nuts 1kg


  • Peeled quail eggs qty 48

    When gourmet cuisine meets convenience, the results can be amazing. A storecupboard essential if you ever have unexpected visitors who you need to impress. This glass jar full of quail's eggs removes the fiddly peeling of the eggs which so often tears them.

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    Peeled quail eggs qty 48


  • Pickled lemons 750g

    Tangy pickled lemons are an excellent accompaniment to all sorts of savoury dishes and make a tasty addition to casseroles and cold meats.

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    Pickled lemons 750g


  • Pine Nuts 1kg

    Pine nuts are eaten throughout the world for their texture, taste and versatility. The edible seed of the Stone Pine they are an invaluable addition to any larder. Large plump unbroken seeds of highest quality.

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    Pine Nuts 1kg


  • Plantin Truffle Mayonnaise, 100g

    Finest quality mayonnaise mixed with pieces of Black Winter Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum).

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    Plantin Truffle Mayonnaise, 100g


  • Plantin Truffle Mustard, 100g

    This delicious condiment has the perfect balance of fine mustard with Black Winter Truffles (Tuber Melanosporum).

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    Plantin Truffle Mustard, 100g


  • Plantin Truffle Salsa, 100g

    A delicious Salsa composed of fine pieces of Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum) combined with mushrooms and then mixed with olive oil.

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    Plantin Truffle Salsa, 100g


  • Plantin Truffle Salt, 100g

    A delicious condiment containing Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum) peelings.

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    Plantin Truffle Salt, 100g


  • Quince Preserve 800g

    This 800g wooden presentation box of deluxe quince dessert will be a great addition to your kitchen. Gourmet quality direct from Spain.

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    Quince Preserve 800g


  • Rosehip Puree (frozen), 1kg

    Fantastically fragrant with a delicate depth of warmth to the taste, this Rosehip puree is a gourmet's dream. A spoonful in the bottom of a glass of champagne, a dollop on clotted cream with a home-made scone, the possibilities are endless. 1 kg

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    Rosehip Puree (frozen), 1kg


  • Rosewater 50cl

    An age-old essential in many recipes, rosewater adds a delicious fresh note of sun-soaked roses. Blitz with ice cream to make an exquisite Turkish delight-flavoured milkshake. Add to grated apple to make an apple sherbet.

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    Rosewater 50cl


  • Rustic quiche tart cases qty 40

    These delicious pastry cases come direct from a French bakery, and with their delicious texture and appealing looks we are sure they will be a winner. Slightly crimped straight sided quiche pastry cases ready to fill, bake and impress. 10Cm diameter.

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    Rustic quiche tart cases qty 40


  • Toasted almonds 1kg

    These large whole toasted Spanish almonds will astonish you with their clean fresh taste. Gourmet quality and highest production standards make these toasted almonds a larder 'must-have'.

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    Toasted almonds 1kg


  • Traditional Luxury Christmas Pudding

    Matthew Walker's Traditional Luxury Christmas Pudding is without doubt, a beautifully presented, wonderfully made, festive holiday treat. The addition of orange and lemon peel in the recipe give the pudding a true taste of Christmas.

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    Traditional Luxury Christmas Pudding


  • Verveine leaves, dried, 500g

    The seductive citrus scent of verveine, or aloysia trphylla, with the floral overtones that hallmark this sought-after herb. These dried eaves are flown in from France and are the highest quality.

    more >

    Verveine leaves, dried, 500g


  • Vintage sherry vinegar, 1ltr

    This is a 12 year old vintage sherry vinegar from the Pedro Domecq cellars, gourmet-quality with an unsurpassed depth of flavour and light fruit overtones. Absolutely delicious drizzled over a plate of cold meats and flaked cheese.

    more >

    Vintage sherry vinegar, 1ltr


  • Walnut halves, top quality 1kg

    Clean, fresh, unbroken, there is no higher quality than these walnut halves. Delicious in stuffings, coffee and walnut cake, as addition to apple dishes, stirred with honey and lightly fried to make a sticky walnut side-dish to charcuterie and cheese dishes.

    more >

    Walnut halves, top quality 1kg


  • White sugar swizzle, qty 128,

    When it is special occasion, or just when you want to spoil yourself, these gorgeous little crystallised sugar sticks will accessorise your coffee beautifully. Each swizzle stick holds 5g of sugar, a perfect teaspoonful. Individually wrapped for perfect freshness, an amusing way to sugar your espresso.

    more >

    White sugar swizzle, qty 128,


  • Whole caraway seeds, 500g

    Caraway is a seed packed with essential oils that aid and stimulate digestion. Delicious in both savoury and sweet dishes. It goes very will in marinades for smoked salmon, and is considered by many to be essential in a rye loaf.

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    Whole caraway seeds, 500g


  • Yellow Grapefruit Puree (frozen), 1kg

    Tart but luscious, this yellow grapefruit puree makes a wonderful breakfast dish, decorated with a cherry, for retro chic foodies. Mix with orange juice to produce a zest drink, or make the classic seabreeze cocktail. Simplify your smoothies with the addition of this fruit, no mess, no waste, always correctly proportioned.

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    Yellow Grapefruit Puree (frozen), 1kg


Best Sellers

  • Prestige Terrine of Duck Foie Gras

    Prestige Terrine of Duck Foie Gras is made from the highest quality duck foie gras accompanied by the finest Madagascan Baies Rouges, green pepper, spices and Sel de Guerande. So good we'll give you your 'Money Back' if you can 'Genuinely' complain about it!

    From 75.00

    more >

  • Imperial Beluga Caviar (HUS)

    The finest Beluga Caviar that money can buy, available to you from eFoodies. Beluga eggs are the largest in size with opalescent, grey-blue tints and a delightfully delicate skin that pops on the roof of your mouth with a truly 'palate- tickling' creamy after taste.

    From 45.00

    more >

  • Bespoke Hamper Service

    Why not have your order 'Gift Packed' into one of our beautifully crafted (hand made) wicker hampers...

    We particularly recommend this if you are planning to send your gourmet order to a friend at a different address as a gift.

    From 14.95

    more >

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