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Gourmet cheeses
  • London Fine Foods is proud to present to you this fine selection of lovingly sourced cheeses from Britain and Europe.

    Our highest quality classic cheeses are mixed with a small batch of exclusive cheeses to provide you with that something special on the cheese board.
  • Sheep's milk cheese, goat's milk cheese, rind washed cheese, unpasturised, vegetarian, veined.

    They are all here for your gastronomic pleasure.

  • Smoked Gubbeen, 400G

    Gubbeen is lightly oak-smoked which ensures the smoked flavour does not overpower the natural flavour of the cheese. After going through the smoking process, the cheeses are then coated with a thin yellow wax and allowed to mature for three months.

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    Smoked Gubbeen, 400G


  • Tintern, 1.5kg, whole wheel

    Tintern is a blend of Welsh matured Cheddar with fresh chives and shallots.

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    Tintern, 1.5kg, whole wheel


  • Dunsyre Blue Baby, 500G Approx

    This is an outstanding raw cow's milk cheese. A creamy, mild blue cheese made from the milk of Ayrshire cows. The cylinder-shaped cheese is usually wrapped in foil and is suitable for vegetarians. Unpasteurised (Scottish)

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    Dunsyre Blue Baby, 500G Approx


  • Livarot, 500G, PO

    Livarot is a soft, pungent, washed-rind cheese made from cow's milk. Named after a village in Normandy, Livarot is one of the oldest cheeses in the region. The straps of Livarot are reminiscent of a uniform's stripes, giving the cheese its nickname "The Colonel". The full spicy flavour gives the cheese a strong personality (French)

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    Livarot, 500G, PO


  • Camembert Le Rustique, 1kg, whole wheel

    A perfect example of a Camembert from Normandy: smooth, creamy and full-flavored with woody notes and a rich, tangy aroma. At room temperature the centre becomes a delicious smooth almost runny, delight.

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    Camembert Le Rustique, 1kg, whole wheel


  • Perl Wen Organic, 250G

    Perl Wen Organic cheese was developed in 2000 and when young displays the characteristics of both a Caerphilly and a Brie, with a soft outside blending with a fresh lemony centre. At this stage it has a delightfully creamy aftertaste. As it ripens it becomes paler and develops a brown tinge and unique flavour with a soft, rich curd.

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    Perl Wen Organic, 250G


  • Parmigiano, Reggiano, 24 months, 1kg

    Ripened for 24 months, this is a superb Parmigiano Reggiano. Salty, tangy and crumbly textured; shave over pasta for an authentic, simple and classic italian dish.

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    Parmigiano, Reggiano, 24 months, 1kg


  • Pont L'Eveque, 480G, PO, Small

    Pont-Léveque is an uncooked, unpressed cow's-milk cheese which is square in shape. This cheese has a soft, creamy pale yellow centre with a smooth, fine texture and a pungent aroma. The silky centre is surrounded by a washed rind that is white and beautifully tinted with shades of orange and brown.

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    Pont L'Eveque, 480G, PO, Small


  • Y - Fenni, 1.5kg, whole wheel

    Y-Fenni is made from mature cheddar cheese blended with wholegrain mustard and Welsh ale. The mixture is then pressed firmly into moulds and then coated in a pale yellow wax. It has a full tangy mustard flavour, moist texture, pale-yellow colouring speckled with the mustard grains

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    Y - Fenni, 1.5kg, whole wheel


  • Harlech Horseradish, 1.5kg, whole wheel

    The Welsh continue to create innovative and delicious cheeses. Harlech is a smooth and tasty cheddar blended with horseradish and parsley. This vegetarian cheese is perfect as a table cheese to add a contrast to any cheese course, paired with a beer or a Rioja, and adds a new piquancy to cheese-based dishes.

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    Harlech Horseradish, 1.5kg, whole wheel


  • Valencay AOC, 220G

    Designated by the AOC as one of France's elite cheeses, Valençay is a superb goat's cheese. Distinctive in its truncated pyramidal shape, Valençay is an unpasteurised goat's milk cheese and has a fresh citric taste. Its rustic blue-grey colour is made by the natural moulds that form on its rind, darkened with a dusting of charcoal. (French)

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    Valencay AOC, 220G


  • Oxford ISIS, 225G

    Oxford Isis is made by using a fresh cheese as the base product. This is then sprayed and ripened with Oxfordshire honey mead over a period of time, during which the cheese alters in character and matures on to a creamy consistency and develops a pronounced flavour and flowery aroma.

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    Oxford ISIS, 225G


  • Dorstone Ash, 180G

    Dorstone Ash is a semi-soft cheese made from unpasteurised goat's milk using a vegetarian rennet. This small, column-shaped cheese has a crisp white colour that contrasts with the blueish-grey colour of its rind. The texture of the cheese can vary from being fluffy to flaky depending on the maturity of the cheese.

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    Dorstone Ash, 180G


  • Banon, 80G

    A small French farmhouse cheese, Banon is uncooked and un-pressed with a soft, fine, pale yellow centre. It has a creamy texture, with a slight tang and a mild aroma of chestnut leaves.

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    Banon, 80G


  • Roquefort Agricole, 1.5kg, half wheel

    Roquefort is a pungent ewe's-milk blue cheese from the south of France. It is quite possibly the most famous of all French cheeses: white, crumbly and slightly moist, with distinctive veins of blue mould which all contribute to the delicious salt/sweet tangy flavour.

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    Roquefort Agricole, 1.5kg, half wheel


  • Keens Cheddar, 2.7kg, Whole

    This cow's milk cheddar from Somerset, England has been made by the same family for three generations and is among England's finest farmhouse cheddars.Keen's Cheddar has a hard texture, distinguished grassy flavor, and hint of spiciness. (English)

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    Keens Cheddar, 2.7kg, Whole


  • Duchy Organic Oaten, 150G

    Baked to a traditional recipe using only a handful of the finest ingredients.This delectably thin, crisp Oaten Biscuit was the original Duchy Original.

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    Duchy Organic Oaten, 150G


  • Arran Oatcakes

    Arran Oatcakes are a truly versatile product for sweet and savoury snacks. A wonderful and traditional addition to any cheeseboard.

    Add fibre to your diet with these delicious biscuits. Slow energy releasing carbohydrates make them a brilliant snack for those on the go.

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    Arran Oatcakes


  • Epoisses Germain, 250G

    The famous washed-rind cheese from Burgundy. Fine texture, salty, sweet, savoury flavours. Unpasteurised.

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    Epoisses Germain, 250G


  • Exmoor Blue, 1.5kg, whole wheel

    Exmoor Blue is a gourmet semi-soft blue veined cheese with a rich buttery taste, which comes from the mix of cow's, goat's and sheep's milk, with herbal undertones. The blue is just strong enough to give a little tang without overwhelming the background flavours.

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    Exmoor Blue, 1.5kg, whole wheel


  • Comté. 2kg, whole wheel

    A spicy solid cheese, Comté, is from the Jura mountains in the region of Franche-Comté.

    Comté has maintained its traditional production, and today it is produced by hand from raw milk and stored for at least three months

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    Comté. 2kg, whole wheel


  • St. Maure Ash, 250G, Wrapped

    Sainte Maure de Touraine is an AOC cheese made according to traditional methods where by the curd is hand ladled and the draining process is natural. Sainte Maure de Touraine has a fresh, tangy flavour and a smooth, firm texture.

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    St. Maure Ash, 250G, Wrapped


  • Cropwell Bishop potted Stilton 200g

    We are proud to offer you this famous cheese at such a fabulously low price and can assure that you that this wonderful product will cost you at least 40% more at Fortnum and Mason! Cropwell Bishop consistently produce the finest award-winning Stilton.

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    Cropwell Bishop potted Stilton 200g


    Was £19.00

    Save £1.05

  • Reblochon 500g

    Reblochon is aged in cellars or caves in the Haute Savoie mountain range, turned every two days and washed with whey to speed the ripening process to produce a soft, washed-rind cheese made from unpasteurised cow's milk. Reblochon has a creamy soft texture that remains in mouth.

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    Reblochon 500g


  • Coulommier Lait Cru, 400g

    Coulommier au Lait is an exclusive and delicious semi-soft cheese. Superior to brie is does however share some Coulommier is velvety soft with a pronounced creamy nutty tang.

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    Coulommier Lait Cru, 400g


  • Sardinian Montes, 2.75kg, whole wheel

    This 19cm whole wheel of the coveted Montes cheese from whole goat's milk will delight all cheese lovers who favour the more pungent and fulsome notes of a hardened goat's cheese. An impressive centrepiece to a cheese board it can also be flaked onto pasta for those who appreciate a strong tangy taste sensation.

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    Sardinian Montes, 2.75kg, whole wheel


  • Camembert au Calvados 250g

    Camembert au Calvados is a wonderful combination of two of Normandy's largest exports - Camembert and Calvados. The inside of the cheese is plump and golden-yellow and the rind is creamy-white. Camembert has a rich aroma and a full flavour, beautifully accentuated by the strong appley Calvados taste.

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    Camembert au Calvados 250g


  • Crottin de Chavignol 12x60g

    For those of you who love goat's cheese, Crottin de Chavignol is not to be missed. This cheese is the most famous cheese from the Loire valley with a nutty taste that strengthens when mature. The wonderful balance of sweetness and sourness combine to make a classic goat's cheese that will not disappoint.

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    Crottin de Chavignol 12x60g


  • French Chevre Buche, 1kg

    Made from pasteurised goat's milk, this Chevre Buche is perfect as a tasty starter or grilled on toast for a light meal. It is an exquisite cheese to use in quiches and savoury tartlets or canapés as it's comparatively delicately flavoured for goat's cheese, with smooth melting ability and a light taste.

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    French Chevre Buche, 1kg


  • Sardinian Pecorino Romano, 1kg

    A classic hard cheese obtained exclusively from the milk of sheep raised in the DOP approved area of Sardinia. Renowned in Italy and Europe London Fine Foods is pleased to offer this cheese for connoisseurs. It is always matured for no less than 5 months. A cheese for flaking onto gourmet charcuterie or pasta. A cheese to impress.

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    Sardinian Pecorino Romano, 1kg


  • Sardinian Durgali, 3.5kg, whole wheel

    A rich piquant hard cheese made from whole sheep’s milk. This classic cheese is made by generations-old traditional methods which give it a fantastically complex aroma. It is excellent both as a table cheese and makes an impressive centrepiece. A Sardinian masterpiece.

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    Sardinian Durgali, 3.5kg, whole wheel


  • Tornegus, 2kg, whole wheel

    Farmhouse Caerphilly marinated in mint and verbena and washed with wine then aged for at least ten weeks to produce a sublime cheese of great distinction. Semi-hard with a rich creamy texture this is a connoisseur's dream that goes extremely well with good wine and makes a magnificent feature on a cheeseboard.

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    Tornegus, 2kg, whole wheel


  • Blue Stilton, 2.5kg, whole wheel

    This unpressed cheese has delicate blue veins radiating from the centre and a rich, full flavour.

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    Blue Stilton, 2.5kg, whole wheel


  • French Chaumes, 2kg, full wheel

    This soft brie style goats cheese is delicious with crusty bread.

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    French Chaumes, 2kg, full wheel


  • Celtic Promise, 500g, whole wheel

    A fascinating cheese, winner of bronze at the British Cheese Awards. This is a cider-washed rind cheese, unpasteurised, with a pungent aroma but a soft piquant flavour. The rind is orangery red and the cheese itself a rich yellow.

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    Celtic Promise, 500g, whole wheel


  • Waterloo, 900g, whole wheel

    Waterloo is a delicious semi-soft cheese made from cow's milk. The cheese has a sweet and smooth taste. When young, it is mellow and fruity, with age the taste changes and it becomes more peppery. The cheese has a deep golden-yellow curd, a soft yielding texture and a rich, yet delicate flavour.

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    Waterloo, 900g, whole wheel


  • French Brie de Meaux, 3kg, whole wheel

    This soft cheese from the Brie region is soft and creamy with a strong flavour. Perfect for a summer cheeseboard.

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    French Brie de Meaux, 3kg, whole wheel


  • Cornish Yarg, 1kg, whole wheel

    What a cheese, from Fresian cows grazing on the Cornish moors comes a rich creamy milk which is turned into a really distinctive cheese with a clean, creamy, fresh and tangy flavour. Matured for two months it has a moist and supple texture. A perfect contender for the cheeseboard.

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    Cornish Yarg, 1kg, whole wheel


Best Sellers

  • Fresh Alba White Italian Truffle

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    Without doubt, the finest truffle available to man.

    The white veining and marbling of the Italian Alba Truffle produces an aroma and flavour that is gastronomically unique and so wonderfully intoxicating.

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  • Royal Beluga Caviar

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    Our Royal Beluga Caviar from eFoodies and is one of our best sellers, and also is the best priced Beluga Caviar in the UK.

    From £75.00

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  • Prestige Terrine of Duck Foie Gras

    Prestige Terrine of Duck Foie Gras is made from the highest quality duck foie gras accompanied by the finest Madagascan Baies Rouges, green pepper, spices and Sel de Guerande. So good we'll give you your 'Money Back' if you can 'Genuinely' complain about it!

    From £75.00

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  • Flash Frozen Pre-Sliced Duck Foie Gras

    This Foie Gras product comes prepared and deveined. It has been flash frozen immediately after the prep stage before being heat sliced into perfectly formed slices of foie gras. The individual portions of Foie Gras can be cooked from frozen straight to the pan with very little reduction.

    From £79.95

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  • Imperial Beluga Caviar (HUS)

    The finest Beluga Caviar that money can buy, available to you from eFoodies. Beluga eggs are the largest in size with opalescent, grey-blue tints and a delightfully delicate skin that pops on the roof of your mouth with a truly 'palate- tickling' creamy after taste.

    From £45.00

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  • Bespoke Hamper Service

    Why not have your order 'Gift Packed' into one of our beautifully crafted (hand made) wicker hampers...

    We particularly recommend this if you are planning to send your gourmet order to a friend at a different address as a gift.

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