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  • eFoodies is proud to present to you a selection of the finest hams and salami in the world.

    These gourmet products are lovingly sourced and stored so that when they arrive at your table you only get the very best hams in the very best condition.
  • Choose from our handpicked selection of the finest Iberico and beautiful Italian hams; as always your culinary enjoyment is our pleasure.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 434 9537 if you would like any advice.

  • Acorn fed Iberian ham (on bone) approx 7kg

    The king of hams, Iberian Acorn Ham is a highly prized delicacy, with strict controls ensuring that only an Iberian pig born bred and reared in the approved manner can be called a Jamon Iberica.

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    Acorn fed Iberian ham (on bone) approx 7kg


    Was 425.00

    Save 68.00

  • Parma ham - boneless Approx 6.75kg

    The tender, sweet Prosciutto di Parma, enjoyed in Italy for over eight centuries, is still made in the hills around Parma using the same traditional methods of production. You will not be disappointed.

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    Parma ham - boneless Approx 6.75kg


  • Fesa di Prosciutto di Cinghiale Disossato, approx 2kg

    This is the best cut from the leg of a Sardinian wild boar, without bone. Charcuterie at it's very highest level. Produced by Su Sirboni, a company renowned for their production of Sardinian pork and boar products.

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    Fesa di Prosciutto di Cinghiale Disossato, approx 2kg


  • Bodega ham stand

    The Bodega Ham Stand, a Front of House-grade ham holder, ensures perfect positioning of the ham for easy slicing. A fantastic centre piece for any buffet table!

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    Bodega ham stand


  • Coppa 1.5kg approx

    With its woody taste and sweet, delicate aroma, this Italian speciality salami is a must-have for all charcuterie lovers.

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    Coppa 1.5kg approx


  • Goose Breast, Cold Smoked, frozen - 2 x 200g*

    These rich and plump goose breasts have been cold-smoked to impart a light smoky flavour that penetrates right through the breast. Ideal for pan-roasting. Each breast serves 2 as a starter or 1 person as a main course. Requires cooking. (*approx weight)

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    Goose Breast, Cold Smoked, frozen - 2 x 200g*


  • Quail Breasts, Cold Smoked, 10 x 35g*

    These cold-smoked quail breasts are packed with a gamey, smoky flavour. Perfect pan-fried in butter then served with a warm salad. Allow 2-3 breasts per person in a starter or 3-4 per person for a main course. Requires cooking. (*approx weight)

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    Quail Breasts, Cold Smoked, 10 x 35g*


  • Flexible Chartcuterie Knife

    A Jamon Charcuterie Knife is vital for those wishing to do justice to a great ham. Our selected knives are flexible, ensuring even cutting without tearing the meat. Once used you will not believe how you ever managed without one!

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    Flexible Chartcuterie Knife


  • Prosciutto Friuli sliced ham 500g

    Friuli, in the most north-easterly part of Italy, is renowned for the quality of its ham, a superior product still made today in the traditional manner, with an unmistakable fragrance that makes it a pleasure to serve and eat. Available thin sliced for easy serving.

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    Prosciutto Friuli sliced ham 500g


  • Smoked duck breast, 320g

    This is a smoked magret duck breast, the very finest you can buy, slowly smoked for optimum flavour. This gourmet delicacy makes an excellent starter and one breast can provide up to 100 slices.

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    Smoked duck breast, 320g


  • Morteau sausage, 300g

    Saucisse de Morteau is a splendid French sausage, made using only traditionally reared pigs to ensure quality of meat, it is then smoked over beech to give it a highly distinctive and delicious taste and aroma.

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    Morteau sausage, 300g


  • Iberico lomo, sliced, 100g

    Iberico lomo is a premium-quality salami made from the loin of the acorn-fed Iberian pig, stuffed into natural casing with pimenton, a variety of Spanish paprika.

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    Iberico lomo, sliced, 100g


  • Sliced Serrano ham 250g

    Jamon Serrano is served in a similar style to the Italian Prosciutto di Parma, cut into wafer-thin slices that drape the plate in mouthwatering folds of dusky pink covered lightly with a ribbon of fat.

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    Sliced Serrano ham 250g


Best Sellers

  • Fresh Alba White Italian Truffle

    Great Price !

    Without doubt, the finest truffle available to man.

    The white veining and marbling of the Italian Alba Truffle produces an aroma and flavour that is gastronomically unique and so wonderfully intoxicating.

    From 90.00

    more >

  • Royal Beluga Caviar

    Fantastic Value!

    Only 75 for 30g


    Our Royal Beluga Caviar from eFoodies and is one of our best sellers, and also is the best priced Beluga Caviar in the UK.

    From 75.00

    more >

  • Prestige Terrine of Duck Foie Gras

    Prestige Terrine of Duck Foie Gras is made from the highest quality duck foie gras accompanied by the finest Madagascan Baies Rouges, green pepper, spices and Sel de Guerande. So good we'll give you your 'Money Back' if you can 'Genuinely' complain about it!

    From 75.00

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  • Flash Frozen Pre-Sliced Duck Foie Gras

    This Foie Gras product comes prepared and deveined. It has been flash frozen immediately after the prep stage before being heat sliced into perfectly formed slices of foie gras. The individual portions of Foie Gras can be cooked from frozen straight to the pan with very little reduction.

    From 79.95

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  • Imperial Beluga Caviar (HUS)

    The finest Beluga Caviar that money can buy, available to you from eFoodies. Beluga eggs are the largest in size with opalescent, grey-blue tints and a delightfully delicate skin that pops on the roof of your mouth with a truly 'palate- tickling' creamy after taste.

    From 45.00

    more >

  • Bespoke Hamper Service

    Why not have your order 'Gift Packed' into one of our beautifully crafted (hand made) wicker hampers...

    We particularly recommend this if you are planning to send your gourmet order to a friend at a different address as a gift.

    From 14.95

    more >

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