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Fresh truffles at London Fine Foods

Spring Entertaining 2014.

The days are getting longer and evenings are allowing more time for entertaining.

We have a delicious array of wonderful foods, perfect for taking some of the task out of entertaining. Our Prestige Foie Gras terrine is ready to serve and delicious with Pain D'Epice and Fig Confiture. We still have Fresh black truffles in stock which are flown in from Europe twice a week, allowing you to add the aesthetic look and delicious earthy flavours of and offer you the finest Fresh Italian Black Truffles.

As ever we have a fantastic array of other products to create a truly wonderful dining experience...

For any Caviar, Truffle or entertaining ideas, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0845 434 9537.

  • Cornish Salted - British Caviar (BAE)

    Truly exclusive to London Fine Foods. Salted with Cornish Sea Salt, this Acipenser Baerii has a delicious mineral flavour setting it apart from other Baerii caviar.

    Cornish Salted - British Caviar (BAE)

    From 19.99

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  • Classic Oscietra Caviar (BAE)

    This caviar has dark brownie grey to golden brown eggs with a smooth, subtle and elegant afternote.

    Classic Oscietra Caviar (BAE)

    From 16.95

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  • Fresh Alba White Italian Truffle

    Without doubt, the finest truffle available to man.

    The white veining and marbling of the Italian Alba Truffle produces an aroma and flavour that is gastronomically unique and so wonderfully intoxicating.

    Fresh Alba White Italian Truffle

    From 90.00

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  • Black Autumn Truffles, Fresh

    Our fresh Black Autumn Truffles are flown in direct from Italy to ensure both premium quality and optimal freshness.

    Black Autumn Truffles, Fresh

    From 49.95

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  • Imperial Beluga Caviar (HUS)

    The finest Beluga Caviar that money can buy - Beluga eggs are the largest in size with opalescent, grey-blue tints and a truly 'palate-tickling' creamy after taste.

    Imperial Beluga Caviar (HUS)

    From 45.00

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  • Russian Imperial Oscietra Caviar (GUE)

    A firm textured egg with a kaleidoscope of colours from warm brownie greys to dark golden yellows.

    Russian Imperial Oscietra Caviar (GUE)

    From 29.95

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  • Acacia Honey with Black Truffle, 100g

    A wonderful combination of sweet honey and earthy black truffle.

    Acacia Honey with Black Truffle, 100g


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  • White Truffle Honey, 260g

    White Truffle Honey is an incredible taste sensation, pairing sweet the flavours of Northern Italian honey with the intriguing aroma of White Alba truffle.

    White Truffle Honey, 260g


    Was 34.95

    Save 3.00

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  • Urbani Infused White Truffle Oil, 25cl

    Urbani White Truffle Oil is used by chefs the world over to harness the unique flavours of the white truffle when the delicacy is unavailable or the budget does not stretch. The finest olive oil is infused with the pungent flavour of the white truffle and also contains slivers of white truffle to accentuate this.

    Urbani Infused White Truffle Oil, 25cl


    Was 39.95

    Save 5.00

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  • Royal Beluski Caviar (DAU x SCH)

    A delightful caviar with a strong robust taste and wonderfully smooth buttery aftertones.

    Royal Beluski Caviar (DAU x SCH)

    From 28.00

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  • Urbani Infused Black Truffle Oil, 25cl

    Urbani Black Truffle Oil is used by chefs the world over to harness the strong, earthy flavours of the Black Truffle.

    Urbani Infused Black Truffle Oil, 25cl


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  • Truffle Salt, 100g

    Produced by Plantin, based in the heart of the French truffle heartlands, this is a quality product that will enhance and dish it is sprinkled over. The easiest way enhance any dish with the exquisite taste and aroma of truffles.

    Truffle Salt, 100g


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Recent Testimonial:
"The Champange and Caviar just arrived so all is well...
Thank you so much for getting this order to me quickly and thank you for the follow up call will certainly order from you again."

Regards, AD
"simply a brilliant service...I needed fresh truffles for a dish my cook was preparing for our guests yesterday evening, and you delivered the most wonderfully fresh summer truffle to our door within two hours. I raved to my guests about your service. Many thanks"

William Guinness, Chelsea

Happy Fine Food Shopping

Special Offer

  • Prestige Terrine of Duck Foie Gras

    Prestige Terrine of Duck Foie Gras is made from the highest quality duck foie gras accompanied by the finest Madagascan Baies Rouges, green pepper, spices and Sel de Guerande. So good we'll give you your 'Money Back' if you can 'Genuinely' complain about it!

    From 75.00

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  • Bespoke Hamper Service

    Why not have your order 'Gift Packed' into one of our beautifully crafted (hand made) wicker hampers...

    We particularly recommend this if you are planning to send your gourmet order to a friend at a different address as a gift.

    From 14.95

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